How The Umbrella Syndicate differs from other PR/Marketing Firms

At the end of the day public relations, marketing and advertising are about communicating a story. The “why” is identical: Get customers. Move product. Drive revenue. “How” is what sets us apart from other companies. The lines between the various forms of mass communications have definitely blurred in recent times, as more and more of our lives migrate online. The Umbrella Syndicate’s mission is to amplify good people, good messages, and good causes through social media.

Management vs. Growth

Many companies try to get away with doing the bare minimum by merely managing your social media platforms. They offer plans promising only to watch over your accounts rather than attempt to promote growth within your social media sites. They do this for several reasons some companies don’t want to bother with the cost, time, and/or resources required in order to help your social media platforms grow. We at The Umbrella Syndicate understand the entire point of obtaining social media platforms is to help grow your business. Not only does growth help promote your brand, but it gives you credibility in the eyes of your customers.

Social Promotion

The Umbrella Syndicate offers a wide arrangement of products and services you can purchase, and use for content creation purposes. For instance, our event photo graphics the most talked about photography in the DMV area, and is featured on our Facebook page every time we cover your event. Because we have such a massive audience,your event/cause/organization gets exposed to that many more people. You are also more than welcome to use those photos to build content for your social media.

Empty Growth vs. Authentic Growth

You may have encountered companies in the past that have produced growth for you in the form of empty growth. What is empty growth? Some companies think that getting your likes, and followers up is the main concern, but where those likes, and followers come from is irrelevant… Wrong! Though it is much cheaper to do this, we at The Umbrella Syndicate have found that by obtaining likes, and followers within the markets you hope to target, your social media experience will be much more effective. The Umbrella Syndicate consists of leaders, speakers, authors, musicians, event planners, artists, business owners, etc. that are all about collaboration and networking. You want powerful and influential people to support and endorse your brand, and we are here to connect you.