TUS Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us if you do not find your question answered here.

What is The Umbrella Syndicate?

The Umbrella Syndicate is a social media consulting company dedicated to Amplifying through viral campaigns, events, promotional photography, branding, and more. We make sure your message is heard. The Umbrella Syndicate has six functions: Branding, Production, Photography, Publishing, Events, and Promotion, which are the functions used to amplify your message.

What is a TUS membership and how does it work?

TUS membership involves two primary benefits, among several others. One of those benefits is an Amplification of your Like page and the connection to our audience. The second primary benefit is a 50% discount on our services and functions for as long as you are a member.

What is “promotional photography”?

We at TUS define “promotional photography” as photography that is connected to a large audience on social media. When our photos are uploaded, they get more attention compared to other sites and/or Facebook Pages. This is what sets us apart from ordinary or traditional photography, although our photography team always holds our photos to a high standard. The “promotional photography” is perhaps our most popular and well-known function because our team has covered more than 1,000 events in the past two years.

Who are all these photographers I am seeing?

If you are seeing our photographers at events, the primary reason for their attendance is to make sure more people know about it. When our photos are uploaded on our Facebook and other social media, our photos are connected to a large audience. Sharing and tagging on our albums will increase the traffic.

Is TUS looking for interns?

Yes. We currently have intern ads posted right now for Towson University, Stevenson University, Goucher, College, UMBC, and CCBC. We are working on posting more ads. We are looking for interns in photography and videography, as well as admin work, sales, graphic design, marketing, etc. Please send a resume and cover letter to info@theumbrellasyndicate.com.

I would like TUS to photograph my event. What should I do next?

Send an e-mail to info@theumbrellasyndicate.com. The info we need includes your name, e- mail, number, and the date and time of the event. Also, include whether or not you are an existing member of The Umbrella Syndicate. We will make sure you are taken care of.

Is event photography all that TUS photographs?

TUS is not limited to event photography. TUS has also been known for model shoots, concerts, portraits, and sports. Some photographers on our team also like to photograph landscapes, wildlife, and macro in their spare time.

What makes TUS reliable?

TUS is proud of our many accomplishments over the past 24 months that we have been in business. We have accumulated over 20,000 dedicated followers. We have a weekly total reach of over 50,000. We have helped more than 500 Like pages increase their overall social media presence. You will soon find out after hiring us that we are a trustworthy firm.

Can TUS work within my budget?

Yes! Just let us know what you are working with.